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Farmhouse is the innovation and new venture center of Leo Burnett. Our mission is to create new products, services and experiences that move people and markets. Some of our projects are commissioned by clients. Some are collaborations. Some originate here.

@tullman touts Chi’s diversity in industry as plus. Entrepreneurship & tech are parts of all industries - not standalones. #smwchicago

RT @tynitown: @mlandsberg: lock brand purpose & adopt belief that ideas come from anywhere. Be flat, fast, embrace community. Yes! #smwsoci…

Happy #davidbowie Day, #chicago! Check out our #podcast about #DavidBowieIs exhibit at @mcachicago! #innovation #arts http://t.co/cmbcsreHkA

RT @LeoBurnett: The day has come, Chicago. #DavidBowieIs finally here. Listen to our chat w. the MCA's chief curator: http://t.co/UmZjyIE6B

RT @tynitown: @mikeshard on consumers owning your brand. @farmhouselb agrees culture is key to enduring brands! #smwmakingculture http://t.…

RT @Paul_Earle: Yoga instructor today: "it feels delicious!" Made me ponder multi-sensory design. What can you make that "feels delicious"?…

Props to Casey! “@casejam: @STA_CHICAGO featuring my Farmhouse branding work on their homepage. @FarmhouseLB #design #chicago #archive13”

Full house at the Farmhouse #ciw lab! Addressing flying with toddlers, bike safety, port-a-potties, and solo travel. http://t.co/3JF2XmW5NE

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Enjoy an ongoing series of discussions with innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs from all walks
of life, with a focus on what motivates them to eschew convention and take a leap into the unknown.

In our latest podcast, Executive Director Paul Earle sits down with Dr. Michael Abecassis, one of the pioneers
in the field of regenerative medicine. One day soon, if you need a new kidney or liver, surgeons like Dr. Abecassis
may be able simply to make one for you. Listen as Paul and Dr Abecassis discuss and debate the scientific,
medical and ethical implications of "organs on tap".

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