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Farmhouse is the innovation and new venture center of Leo Burnett. Our mission is to create new products, services and experiences that move people and markets. Some of our projects are commissioned by clients. Some are collaborations. Some originate here.

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And did you check out last month's #fhpodcast with @cdubitsky of @methodtweet @eos @helloproducts fame? http://t.co/wPdlwSrEIq #innovation

RT @jwinnecke: Idea never implemented is worthless: @Paul_Earle of @FarmhouseLB via @ChicagoBlueSky @LeoBurnett @RichStoddart http://t.co

RT @LeoBurnett: First three days of #SXSW: We have interviews with Bill Nye, Bob Mankoff, Jonah Berger, Ayah Bdeir and more: http://t.co/LV

RT @dchodrow: An upside down Starbucks cup = a brilliant solution for housing displaced people. @farmhouseLB #innovationforgood http://t.co

RT @KIEIatNU: .@ChicagoBlueSky piece on @KelloggSchool alum & #KIEI prof. @Paul_Earle of @LeoBurnett's @FarmhouseLB: http://t.co/btAzNEuylf

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Enjoy an ongoing series of discussions with innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs from all walks
of life, with a focus on what motivates them to eschew convention and take a leap into the unknown.

In our latest podcast, Executive Director Paul Earle sits down with Sonny Garg, Head of Innovation for Exelon, and Dean DeBiase
of Reboot Partners to discuss the power of startup thinking across a range of industries. Is it just design thinking or Six Sigma
in new clothing? Or is there something new happening. Listen to get their take on what Blockbuster missed,
the power of "Intentionality" and why answering "why" is almost more important than answering "how".

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